If you're seeking guidance or answers to life's mysteries, look no further. You can connect with Jacqui directly on her personal, dedicated psychic reading phone line by calling 1300 091 779.

Choose from a range of options that suit your needs, with prices starting at just $35 for a 15-minute reading or $70 for a half-hour session. If you require more time, Jacqui offers 60-minute readings for $140 or 90-minute readings for $175.

For our overseas callers, please dial +61 88312 0737 and you'll be asked if you're a member. Don't worry, membership is free and you can easily note down your member number for future readings. Jacqui is the owner operator of the line, and her operator number is 100.

Jacqui has a unique ability to locate lost and stolen pets. If you're struggling to find your furry friend, give her a call. She has successfully reunited many lost pets with their owners.

In addition to her unique talent for animal communication, Jacqui can also connect with spirits who have passed away. She can pass on messages from your beloved ones, bringing great comfort to their loved ones.

Don't hesitate, call Jacqui today for an unforgettable and personalized reading.