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What a blessing and pleasure it is to receive many readings from JACQUI LEES.


I’ve known her for many years and in times of need & stress she is always there.  The people she picked up on in my life and read about, she was right on!! During a recent loss JACQUI surrounded me with kind reassuring words that filled my heart, and I literally felt the warmth and kisses from my dear brother may he rest in peace, just surround me. It was quite a beautiful feeling to say the least.  After the reading, I felt so much more clear on my thoughts, my decisions up until now and the future that awaits me! I feel it is a blessing knowing JACQUI she really feels it from the heart.


More recently during a very trying time in my life, she knew exactly what I needed to do to turn things around. I will be forever grateful.


"I can never repay JACQUI for all the help and advice she has given me over the years,  she helped me to be strong and overcome my fear and rid myself of all the negativity in my life.


JACQUI is always there for me when I need someone to talk to or when I need a reading for some guidance. Her readings are always accurate and right on!!! Her advice is honest and sincere.  


Make sure you take notes of what JACQUI says during your reading with her as everything will play out in the end even though at the moment you might feel what she says is non-sense.


Thank you so much for your guidance and support JACQUI.




Jacqui has been our spiritual advisor for the past couple of years. If we are at a cross road in life or just need a bit of guidance we look to Jacqui.

Her readings are always so accurate and relevant to us at the time and we always find comfort and direction due to Jacquis lovely nature.

Your beautiful Jacqui, thank you for your friendship.




Thank you Jacqui for the many readings you have given me over the years, you have been so accurate in predicting my future and not only that have become a great friend and support to myself and my family.  I have always appreciated your help, advice and knowledge and insights into my future which have helped me immensely, and the time you have taken to talk to me when I have had to work through difficult times in my life.

Your readings are amazing!

Best wishes, 

Fatima Arena - Sydney 2017 


Jacqui has accurately read for me over the past couple of years and has been spot on!  I have always enjoyed her readings and she always has helped me through my good, bad and most darkest of days.  Through my ups and downs in my relationships - with the loss of my dear Mother last year, she continues to pass on messages to me from her, which are so amazing, and which gives me so much comfort to know that she is at peace now, and what advice she continues to want to give me in my life, Thank you so much Jacqui you are an Angel.

Mellissa Carpenter

January 2017


Thank you Jacqui for helping me to find my dear cat Bonny - I had almost given up hope of finding her and someone gave me your number to contact you to help to find her.  You guided me to an area that seemed at the time to be the most unlikely place to find my cat - a group of newly built townhouses about 2 kilometres from were we live, which were empty, but as I neared the buildings I could hear my cat meowing and as we got close we could see her trapped in one of the townhouses behind a glass partitioning door!   

Thank you so much, for helping us be reunited with our beloved Bonnie.

Claire - Queensland

December 2016


Dear Jacqui,

Thank you for doing readings for me lately which have been so accurate in helping me find my Staffordshire dog Izzy.  You were 100% correct in your prediction that we would get her back safe and sound which was a great relief.  You told me that a blue car with 2, youngish dark haired men had picked him up near the dog park where we had taken him for a walk that day he was taken.  We were devastated, but you assured me that we would get her back soon.  You told us to report it to the Police, which we did and they informed us that there was a CCTV camera on that corner at the Park which they then accessed.  Upon reviewing of the Camera video they could clearly see that a blue car with 2 dark haired men had indeed picked up our dog at the park and taken her in the car.  When I called you to confirm this with you - you kept saying that you were getting the strong feeling that my dog was OK and being looked after in a small house in Bankstown.  That day the Police popped around to see us to tell us that they had traced the car's registration number and were happy to say that they had found our dog.  I asked the Police if they found her at a house in Bankstown?  They asked me how I got that information?  I told them that a Psychic - Jacqui Lees had told me that my dog was in a house in Bankstown.  They were very shocked to hear that.  Anyway we are just so happy to have our dog back in our family again!  

Thank you, 

Lots of Love Josie - Arncliffe, Sydney

August 2016

Just a few weeks ago on April the 24th, whilst working approx 40k’s outside Kalgoorlie near Bulong, my beloved dog Buddy a huge Bull Arab x Bull Mastiff managed to escape from the run I had built for him, and where I used to leave him when I would pop into Kalgoorlie for my weekly shopping supplies.

I was horrified that he had gone, and searched and searched the area for him to no avail.  The owner of the leased property that I was prospecting on, told me the following day that he didn’t hold much hope of ever finding Buddy alive, as he had just put down a lot of 1080 baits and the recent rain would have enticed Buddy to eat them. If he did the baits would kill him.

Then a lady called Janet contacted me who noticed my urgent posting on Facebook about finding Buddy. She told me about Jacqui Lees Clairvoyant who had successfully found lost and stolen animals before.  I thought, well I had nothing to lose in contacting her, even though I was very sceptical. 

Jacqui immediately contacted me and told me after looking at a photo of Buddy that she felt that Buddy had been scared off his run, probably by a snake.  I thought that made complete sense, as I was out walking with him one day and he freaked out when we saw a brown snake scurry off in front of us in the bush. 

Jacqui told me that Buddy was fine, and he had not eaten any of the 1080 baits. She said that she could ‘see’ him and described an area near a hill which she directed me to.  She continued to tell me that she could see there were two men, one tall and one shorter and stouter, who were working on the road and who had seen Buddy, and even had given him shelter overnight and fed him.  She then said that they had a huge whitish off road 4 wheel drive vehicle and asked me to check the main road to Kalgoorlie for any road workers or anything like that.  I had not told Jacqui that I was a prospector and that the men she described could also be prospectors.  I then set out in my truck to the area Jacqui described for me to go and look for Buddy.

I found the two men she described and talked to them. They said that they had not seen Buddy and were moving off their base camp that night.  Jacqui called me again and I continued to look for the area she was describing where I would find Buddy.  She asked me to send photos of the area, and when she looked at them, she said that she definitely felt that he had been in that area very recently and that he was OK, and he would be home soon. This really calmed me down.   She said to stay close to the camp base and told me that a man would call, and he would tell me that he had seen Buddy, and that I would then go and get him and fetch him home.

The next morning it was raining, and I didn’t go out as early as I normally would. Then I had a call from a neighbouring prospector who told me he had just seen Buddy at the top of the hill, so I rushed up there and there he was!  I was so relieved to find him.

I am so grateful to Jacqui for helping me find Buddy. I have no doubt that Jacqui could see him and where he was, and that she knew he would be back home safe.

Steve Keilty - Kalgoolie Australia - May 2014


Hi Jacqui
Here is some great feedback for you from the 21st party you did on the 4th November 2006.  From your Manager Sam
Dear Annabelle,
Just had to write to you to let you know that Jacqui was great...such a magical addition to the party......they were lining up to see her and were so excited.  Job well done to her!! When the girls heard that I had a Gypsy Fortune Teller they said "No Way...That's Mad"
Everyone was saying that it was the best party that they had ever been to and it would be hard to beat it…
Please pass on our gratitude to Jacqui and I hope to have her round another time for sure...if not at our place.. I'm sure it will be at our pride of guests place at Julie and Steven's wedding!!
Best wishes....Ani - Sydney 4th November 2006


By Cristina Harris - Casting Director - Sydney
January 2007

I met Jacqui in Kent England at her home in 1990.  My father was going through a bad time and I spotted Jacquie's advert in the local paper advertising her readings.  To keep my father company I had a reading too.  Jacqui gave my father the support he needed to keep going with the relationship with my Mother which was going through a really rocky period, but knowing that at the end of the day it was his decision whether he would walk away or not, Jacqui was insistent that they would not separate  in that reading.  At the time it was a very distressing as I loved both my parents and Jacqui took her own personal time out to counsel my parents for a couple of months and eased the burden off my shoulders tremendously.  I'm pleased to say my parents are still together and are happier and closer than they have ever been! 

As for me I can honestly say that Jacquie’s first reading changed my life.  She told me that I was the most 'Spiritual' person she had ever met.  This was news to me.  I had had many experiences as a child, but thought that all children had them.  Jacqui told me I had the gift myself and encouraged me to buy some Tarot cards.  I subsequently enrolled in one of Jacqui’s Tarot Courses all those years ago and now Sixteen years later and having sat in many development circles, I am a successful working medium doing readings of my own and teaching as well as healing, using those Spiritual Gifts.  Jacqui predicted many things that came true in my life and also predicted a very major house move a long way away and promotion for my husband.  Six months later we moved to Somerset as a result of my husbands promotion this was a huge thing as he was the most unlikely candidate to get that promotion!  Although I have not had a reading with Jacqui since her emigration to Australia I have no doubt that her 'Spiritual Gift' is as good, if not stronger now!  As with my own experience in the 'Spiritual Lessons' she gave to me I hope to continue and the gift becomes richer with time. 

I have found with many mediums that if they spot you have a gift, they become very cautious of you in case you are better than they are and hold you at arms length, Jacqui was never like this, she encouraged me, supported me and always respected me and was there for me anytime, truly becoming the best mentor I have ever had.

Thank you Jacqui you are brilliant.  I will never forget you.

Dear Jacqui,

Thank you for your delightful reading. It was a memorable experience, not only because of the remarkable accuracy, but made more enjoyable due to your wit and charm filling something so mysterious with barrels of laughter.

Your reading is a testimony to who you are – memorable in every way.

Again thank you for your insight.

Kellie Bright - Sydney 2004

I first met Jacqui Lees in 1998 when she was a client at the hairdressing salon that I owned. It was then that I had my very first reading ever. The reading was a little confusing and not much made sense at the time, so a few months later I booked in for another reading with Jacqui.  Please note that although Jacqui was a client, she did not know anything about me personally and I never gave her any information when I had a reading.  I went and had my second reading and the things she told me were very definite and that they would be happening soon. Two months later things started falling into place exactly the way Jacqui had described in the reading.  It blew me away at how accurate everything was, everything was recorded on tape and my life was happening exactly the way she said it would.  A few years later I was doing Jacqui’s hair and she asked to see my palm.  She told me that she saw a diamond ring and that I would be getting engaged soon.  I acted surprised but little did she know that a few days earlier I had picked my engagement ring!!  My life so far has been pretty much exactly as she predicted, my first child was a boy and I am now pregnant with my second child which she predicted would be a girl,  I have not had an ultrasound yet so I am yet to find out whether that prediction is true.
I have not felt the need to have another reading, but I would highly recommend Jacqui as a very accurate clairvoyant and her bubbly personality makes it an absolute joy to have a reading with her.
Kind Regards,
Elena Guivarra - Sydney Australia Jan 1998