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Ra-Mu Guide to your Past Life

For those who know or feel that their life did not begin with their

birth into this life, and that they have lived before, and that what

they have been in those previous incarnations can help them fulfill

their true purpose in their present life, the Ra-Mu Guide is an

essential way to discover that past.

Ra-Mu means ‘priest and priestess’ in the language of the most ancient

mystic cult in the pre-history of the worlds.  Their benevolent

government was centred on an island in the Pacific, and the priests and

priestesses drew the vast cosmic forces to their island temple, adapted

or modified them in accordance with the rituals known only to the

initiates so that the resultant vibrations could be used for the well

being of the local people, for transporting huge blocks of stone to

build the immense cities of the times, and for projecting their

fabulous psychic powers to other temples on the earth’s surface.  These

people believed that just as the position of the stars and planets at

birth can help to reveal the future, so can these same positions,

working backwards, indicate the life which has been lived before.

The charts have been prepared under spiritual guidance to provide a

general outline for most subjects inspired to work through the summary

generated with their own chart.  Modernised and simplified so as to be

easily understood, the charts are based on some of the elementary

principles which in their more esoteric form helped make the adepts of

the ancient world masters of life and death.  So let me follow the

directions with your date of birth, place of birth and time (if you

have it) and lets see if you think the threads of your last incarnation

are inextricably woven into the pattern of your life today with your

own personal Past Life chart. 

The reading of your chart will give you the following:

1. The place of your previous life in other words the country that  

you were born in.

2.    The date of your previous life you were born.

3.    Whether you were a male of female.

4.    Your previous personality type.

5.    Your previous occupation.

6.    Your Present-day Life Lesson.

So don’t delay have your future possibility made clearer to you by

receiving this interesting but also important information about

yourself in your past life.  Remember your past always gives you your


Cost is $50 including a Psychic reading from Jacqui