Psychic Development

A Complete Course in the Tarot and Psychic Development: Psychic Development Bk. 2
Jacqui Lees 2nd Book on Psychic Development based on her own personal experiences in developing her abilities over 30 years to 'read' the Tarot accurately for many people is a great asset to any serious student of the Tarot or Psychic Development.  This Book, like her first bestselling book on the Tarot and how to read the cards offers a practical guide which is easy to follow and quickly helps you to identify and develop the readers own psychic abilities no matter how latent.  
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The Tarot

This is an introduction to the understanding of tarot divination. The title also seeks to give a broad foundation in developing both the art of the tarot and the expanding possibilities of the reader. A practical approach is explained to gain accurate psychic insights. To purchase this book through Amazon please click here.

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