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FRANKINCENSE - MAGICAL USES - When burned, frankincense releases powerful vibrations which not only uplift those of the area, but also drive out all the evil and negativity. Frankincense is therefore used in incenses of exorcism, protection, purification and consecration. It is also burned to induce visions and to aid meditation, and is added to sachets for luck, protection.

MYRRH - RITUAL USES - Myrrh was burned to Ra at noon in ancient Egypt, and was also, fumed in the temples of Isis.

MAGICAL USES - Burned as an incense myrrh purifies the area, lifts the vibrations and creates peace. However, it is rarely burned alone; usually in conjunction with frankincense or other resins. Myrrh increases the power of any incense to which it is added. Myrrh is included in healing incenses and sachets, and its smoke is used to consecrate, purify and bless objects such as talismans, charms and magickal tools.  Myrrh also aids meditation and contemplation. It is often added to sachets, usually with frankincense.

GUM ARABIC - MAGICAL USES - Add to incense for good vibrations, or smoulder alone on charcoal. Purifies the area of negativity and evil. Use in protection and exorcism incense.  This Incense is ideal for consecrating containers to hold your sacred items. It is also used for blessing any sacred place, be it a temple, Circle or storage area for religious and magical possessions.

BLACK NEGRO COPAL - Magical Uses - Copal is added to many love, exorcism and purification incenses. Copal's Magical properties are inspiration, attraction, invocation, happiness, celebration, purification, consecration, contact with astral planes and exorcism. Copal is burnt on a charcoal tablet, to enhance consecration, spell craft, exorcisms and banishings. Copal - added to other herbs to focus their energies and lend power. A piece of copal can represent the heart in poppets!

WHITE COPAL - Copal is added to many love, exorcism and purification incenses. Copal's Magical properties are inspiration, attraction, invocation, happiness, celebration, purification, consecration, contact with astral planes and exorcism. Copal is burnt on a charcoal tablet, to enhance consecration, spell craft, exorcisms and banishings. Copal - added to other herbs to focus their energies and lend power. A piece of copal can represent the heart in poppets!

PINE RESINS - Very aromatic with a soft, sweet aroma of Pine. Pinon Pine brings a clearing, balsamic bouquet to any incense mixture. It's also wonderful to burn by itself. Pinon resin is cleansing, strengthening, warming. Used by Native American cultures for its spiritual and healing properties. Pine needles are burned during the winter months to purify and cleanse the house. Burn to exorcise the area of negativity. Also used in money spells.

BENZOIN - Burn benzoin to purify, and add to purification incenses. A fine 'clearing' herb. Make an incense of benzoin, cinnamon and basil, and burn to attract customers to your place of business. Often used as a base for incenses. Magically, Benzoin is known for its ability to promote generosity; it can open a closed spirit which is suffering, from selfishness. It may also be used to bring increased success to any magical working or to attain magical goals. Burnt as incense during meditation, it increases the serenity of ones own energy and environment. Benzoin can be substituted for storax, to which it is related.

FOREST BLEND RESINS -- Resin incenses are the top of the line in incense burning. With the help of incense charcoals, you can release the intense fragrance of these fine resin granules -- without the dilution of a burning base or fixatives typical in man¬-made stick or cone incense.
WITCH HAZEL - Witch Hazel has been used for centuries for fashioning divining rods. The bark and twigs are used to protect against evil influences. If carried, witch hazel helps to mend a broken heart or cool passion.

Uses include killing germs; pain relief healing skin, lips, nose and burns; prophecy in dreams; purification; physical energy.

ST JOHNS WORT - Worn, St Johns Wort wards off fevers and colds, makes soldiers invincible, and attracts love. When placed in a jar and hung by a window, it protects against thunderbolts, fire and evil spirits. Both flowers and leaves are used for this purpose. It is burned to banish spirits and demons. Any part of the herb placed beneath a pillow allows unmarried women to dream of their future husbands. Use in a ritual or carry to detect other magicians.

EYE BRIGHT - Brewed into a tea and drunk, eyebright clears the mind and aids the memory. The infusion applied to the eyelids on cotton pads induces magical clairvoyance, but it must be persisted in before results are achieved. Carry to increase psychic powers. Also, use when you need to see the truth in matters.

BLADDER WRACK - Seaweeds generally give protection to those at sea or those who are flying over it. Therefore, intercontinental travelers should carry this plant. It is also used in sea spells to summon the spirits of the sea, by throwing it onto the waves and calling them. This will gain their favor and they will aid your magic. Make an infusion of the plant and scrub the floors and doors of a place of business to attract customers and bring good vibrations into the store. Also use in all money spells. A particularly potent spell entails simply filling a small jar with whiskey, placing some kelp in it, closing it tightly, and placing this in the kitchen window. This will ensure a steady flow of money into the household. Bladderwrack is also used in sachets to increase psychic powers and carried to protect against mental derangement.

RUE - The herb is used in sachets and amulets to ward off illness. The smell of the fresh, crushed herb will chase away thoughts of envy, egotism, and love gone wrong. Rue leaves placed on the forehead will chase away headaches. Added to baths, rue drives away spells and hexes placed on you. Rue is said to grow best if it is stolen. When burnt in exorcism or purification incense, it repels negativity and get things moving.

PATCHOULI - Patchouli has an earthy scent and so has been used in money and prosperity spells and mixtures. It is sprinkled onto money, added to purses and wallets, and placed around the base of green candles.  Also, owing to its earthiness, patchouli is used in fertility talismans and is also substituted for 'graveyard dust' where it is called for.
Patchouli is also added to love sachets and baths. It is used to attract people and promote lust. Breaks up any spells, brings back lost love, helpful in defeating enemies.

GOLDEN ROD -To see your future love, wear a piece of goldenrod. He/she will appear in the morrow. When held in the hand, the flower nods in the direction of the hidden or lost objects, or where buried treasure lies. Use in any money spell or divination ritual. Add to money or divination incenses. Carry some (wrapped in green cloth) on your person to attract money towards you. To enhance clairvoyant powers put some (wrapped in yellowcloth) in your pocket when practising any kind of divination, finding lost objects or discovering buried treasures. Incense, repels negativity and get things moving.

KNOT WEED - To "bind" woes and miseries, hold some knotweed in your hand. Pour your problems into the herbs; see it absorbing them and then burn it. When carried, knotweed strengthens and protects the eyes.

IRISH MOSS- Irish moss is carried or placed beneath rugs to increase luck and to ensure a steady flow of money into the house or pockets of the person. It is also carried while on trips for protection and safety, and is used to stuff luck or money poppets.

DAMIANA - Damiana is used in lust infusions as well as lust spells. It is also burned to produce visions.

CORNSILK- Stimulates power flow, Use in rituals and spells for fertility, animal friendship, working with animals, and harvesting. It is also used in some ritual smoking mixtures.                                      
YARROW - When worn, yarrow protects the wearer, and when held in the hand, it stops all fear and grants courage. Carrying yarrow not only brings love but it also attracts friends and distant relations you wish to contact. It draws the attention of those you most want to see. The flowers are made into an infusion and the resulting tea is drunk to improve psychic powers. Washing the head with a yarrow infusion will prevent baldness but won't cure it if it has already begun. Yarrow is also used to exorcise evil and negativity from a person, place or thing.

HAWTHORN BERRIES - It is used in sachets and incense for the purpose of increasing fertility, enforcing chastity, protection against lightning. A sachet containing hawthorn can also be carried when going fishing to ensure a good catch and worn or carried it promotes happiness in the troubled, depressed or sad.

WHITE WILLOW BARK - Use willow in protection, love and healing mixtures. It is also used to bring the blessings of the moon into your life. Burn during moon rituals and guards against evil.

LAVENDER - Lavender has long been used in love spells and sachets. Clothing rubbed with the fragrant flowers (or lavender placed in drawers with clothes) attracts love. A piece of' paper on which you have rubbed lavender is perfect for writing love notes. Lavender also protects against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse if worn. These flowers are also burned or smouldered to induce sleep and rest, and are scattered about the home to maintain its peacefulness. The odour of lavender is conducive to long life, and should be smelled as often as possible if this is a concern. Lavender is also used in healing mixtures, carried to see ghosts, and worn to protect against the evil eye. It is added to purification bathes.

BERGAMOT - Used in success rituals and money spells and also used to bring clarity. And good working order to the surface of any situation.

MULLIEN - Mullien is worn to keep wild animals away from you while hiking in untamed areas. It also instills courage in the bearer, and a few leaves placed in the shoe keeps one from catching a cold. Mullien is also carried to obtain love from the opposite sex. Stuffed into a small pillow or placed beneath your pillow Mullien guards against nightmares. In India, Mullien is regarded as the most potent safeguard against evil spirits and magic, and is hung over doors, in windows, and carried in sachets. It is also used to banish demons and negativity.

LADYS MANTLE - Use Lady's Mantle in love spells and sachets.

LICORICE - Licorice is added to love and lust sachets, carried to attract love, and used in spells to ensure fidelity.

CATNIP - Given to your cat, catnip creates a psychic bond between the two of you. It is also intoxicating to your cat. Catnip is used in love sachets, usually in conjunction with rose petals. If you hold catnip in your hand until it is warm, then hold anyone else's hand, they will forever be your friend, as long as you keep the catnip you used for the spell in some safe place. Catnip is also used in spells designed to enhance beauty and happiness.

ECHINACEA - sprinkled externally to heal emotional wounds and strengthen the resolve.  It was used to protect warriors and brings longevity. Used by American Indians as an offering to spirits, Gods & Goddesses to ensure and strengthen spells and rituals.

BUCKTHORN BARK - According to Dioscorides, placing branches of buckthorn near doors and windows keeps out enchantments and sorceries. One legend says that if one sprinkles buckthorn in a circle and then dances within it under a Full Moon an elf will appear. Say "Halt and grant my Boon" The elf will grant one wish. Carry buckthorn in a sachet for help in legal cases or as a good luck generator.

SAGE - Sage is carried to promote wisdom and leaves are used in countless healing , protection and purification and money spells. To guard yourself against contracting the dreaded evil eye wear a small horn or bag filled with sage.

BLACK COHOSH - Use black cohosh in love sachets and add an infusion to the bath to help in cases of impotency. The herb, carried, helps to strengthen courage in the meek. An infusion of the herb sprinkled around a room or added to the bath, drives away evil presences.
THYME -Thyme is burned to attract good health and is also worn for this purpose. It is also used in healing spells. Placed beneath the pillow, it ensures restful sleep and a pleasant lack of nightmares. Thyme is a purificatory herb; the Greeks burned it in their temples to purify them and so thyme is often burned prior to magical rituals to cleanse the area. In spring, a magical cleansing bath composed of marjoram and thyme is taken to ensure all the sorrows and ills of the past are removed from the person. Thyme is also carried and smelled to give courage and energy. If you wear it, you will be able to see fairies. Also carry with you when attending funerals for protection.

WOOD BETONY - Betony has long been added to purification and protection mixtures and incenses, and it is traditional on Midsummer to burn it on a bonfire then jump through the smoke to purify the body of ills and evils. Betony is good to carry when making love advances, and is said to reunite quarrelling couples if it is added to their food. Also, betony prevents intoxication if carried, strengthens the body when worn, and is a cure for the mysterious disease known as 'elf-sickness'.

STAR  ANISE - The seeds are burned as incense to increase psychic powers, and are also worn as beads for the same purpose. Sometimes star anise is placed on the altar to give it power; one is placed to each of the four directions. It is also carried as a general luck-bringer, and the seeds make excellent pendulums.

CHAMOMILE - Chamomile is used to attract money, and a handwash of the infusion is sometimes used by gamblers to ensure winnings. It is used in sleep and meditation incenses, and the infusion is also added to the bath to attract love.  It is also a purificatory and protective herb. When sprinkled around the property, it removes curses and spells cast against you.

SOLOMONS SEAL -The root is placed in four quarters of the house to guard it , it is used in exorcism and protection spells of all kind. Solomon's seal is also used in offertory incense.

VERVAIN- Vervain is a common ingredient in love mixtures and protective spells. Any part of the plant may be carried as a protective amulet . Placed in the house protects it from lightening and storms, Vervain is also added to exorcism incenses and sprinkling mixtures. A common ingredient in purification bath sachets. Used in money and prosperity spells. Infusion sprinkled around premises to ward off evil spirits and malignant forces.

LOTUS SEEDS - Lotus seeds and pods are used as antidote to love spells. Crushed or powdered any part of lotus makes a good blessing incense.

CLOVES- Burned as an incense, cloves attract riches, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce spiritual vibrations, purify the area. Cloves can also be burned as an incense to stop others from gossiping about you. Worn or carried, cloves attract the opposite sex and bring comfort to the bereaved.

BURDOCK - Cast around the home to ward off negativity. Add to protection incenses and use in such spells. String pieces of the root on red thread and wear for protection against evil and negativity.

CALENDULA - Marigolds added to the bath water help win the respect and admiration of everyone you meet. Looking at the bright, flowers strengthens the sight, and carried in the pocket, marigold helps justice smile favorably on you while in court. If a girl touches the petals with her bare feet, she will understand the languages of birds. Also added to protection incense.

FENUGREEK -Adding a few fenugreek seeds to the mop water used to clean your household floors will bring money into the household. Keep in an open jar in the corner somewhere in the house for this purpose as well.

MISTLETOE - Mistletoe is an all-purpose herb. It has long been used for protection against lightning, disease, misfortune of every kind, fires and so on, it is carried or placed in an appropriate spot for their uses. Mistletoe is carried or worn for good luck in hunting and women carry the herb to aid in conception. It has also been used in spells designed to capture that elusive state of immortality, and to open locks. Laid near the bedroom door, it gives restful sleep and beautiful dreams, as it does when placed beneath the pillow or hung on he headboard. Burned, mistletoe banishes evil.
BETEL NUT - Magical Uses - Averts danger and trouble.

ELDER FLOWERS - Elder berries, when carried, protect against evil and negativity. To bless a person, place, or thing, scatter the berries of the elder to the four winds in the name of the person or object to be blessed. Then scatter more berries over the person or object itself, and it is done. Place elder berries beneath your pillow if you have difficulty sleeping. They'll allow you to slumber peacefully, carry elder to preserve you against the temptation to commit adultery.
CLEA VERS - Cleavers cling, or cleave, to fabrics. This can be used in binding

GALANGAL aka LO JOHN THE CONQUEROR - Galangal has been used for many different magical needs. Worn or carried it protects its bearer and draws good luck. Placed in a sachet of leather with silver it brings money. Powdered galangal is burned to break spells and curses. It is also carried or sprinkled around the home to promote lust. Worn, galangal aids psychic development and guards the bearers health.