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The great thing about learning to be Psychic is that you can open all your senses and fine tune them. 

There are many ways to develop your Psychic Abilities and I run courses to develop them.  I also assess you to see which of your abilities are stronger by getting you to complete my specialised questionnaire.  This determines whether you are more able to be an Automatic Writer, a Medium a Clairvoyant or work with tools such as Psychometry, or dowsing.

How do you know you are Psychic?  And if you feel you are how much are you Psychic?  and how much do you need to develop?  and more importantly what areas do you need to develop on to enable you to get the best out of your abilities?

I am offering free assessments to assess and establish a Psychic Development programme to cater especially for your needs just Email me from the Contact Tab on the Home page for more information or call me on my phone line for readings :  1300 091 779 - overseas callers can call +61 883 120 737.