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World Predictions for 2010 (written in December'09)

There are world negotiations towards world peace underway and a shift in the structure of rule and obligations of certain Countries like India and especially the middle eastern countries and I feel that this will effect the Palestinians particularly with positive results. 

Unfortunately, I am seeing quite a few more earthquakes to come this year around the World, together with some floods some in unexpected areas such as: UK Mexico, Spain Greece Portugal Egypt, South America Africa Australia, the Phillipines and China, there will be erratic weather conditions in North America with unprecedented blizzards. The earth is going through an immense amount of transformational changes, as we struggle to find a balance intellectually and spiritually on the planet. More than ever, we have to be more determined than we have been before to unite for healing, and trust that our prayers are powerful and that each and every one of us can make a difference to redress the imbalances going on around us in the world particularly politically and culturally.  From this moment on, each of us can make an enormous difference in creating a healthier, happier more balanced world. It is all about our intention, and the actions we choose to take in the face of adversity..... We just simply have no excuse but to try.


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