Just follow the prompts for the options for either a 15-minute reading, a 30-minute reading or an hour-long reading. You will be asked if you are a member and if you are not then you will need to join and you will be given a membership number so keep that handy for when you may want to call again.

Costs of the calls are $2.33 per minute (incl GST) but may vary from a mobile or public phone. Callers must be 18+ years of age to get a reading. Jacqui is going to be working on the line doing Readings with her daughter Jennifer who is also a very gifted Psychic. If you phone the line and want to specifically request a reading from Jacqui then you can key in her ID No which is 100 and Jenny also has an ID No which is 200.

Tarot Course Weekly Fee

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30min Reading for $150

A Complete Course in the Tarot and Psychic Development: Psychic Development Bk. 2
Jacqui Lees 2nd Book on Psychic Development based on her own personal experiences in developing her abilities over 30 years to 'read' the Tarot accurately for many people is a great asset to any serious student of the Tarot or Psychic Development.  This Book, like her first bestselling book on the Tarot and how to read the cards offers a practical guide which is easy to follow and quickly helps you to identify and develop the readers own psychic abilities no matter how latent.  
Courses run most weekends!  Don't miss the opportunity to train with Jacqui Email her to get on to the next course.