Just follow the prompts for the options for either a 15-minute reading, a 30-minute reading or an hour-long reading. You will be asked if you are a member and if you are not then you will need to join and you will be given a membership number so keep that handy for when you may want to call again.

Costs of the calls are $2.33 per minute (incl GST) but may vary from a mobile or public phone. Callers must be 18+ years of age to get a reading. Jacqui is going to be working on the line doing Readings with her daughter Jennifer who is also a very gifted Psychic. If you phone the line and want to specifically request a reading from Jacqui then you can key in her ID No which is 100 and Jenny also has an ID No which is 200.

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30min Reading for $150

Jacqui is Investigating local robberies as well as working on missing persons both here in Australia and Overseas.  She assisted the Australian family in their search for their Missing son Owen Rooney who went missing in Canada last year (2010).

Jacqui is also working with Petsearch to find lost animals and recently assisted in finding a Bird, some dogs one in particular Zac a Maltese Shitzu cross, who was lost in the bush outside Perth for 3 months, and Jacqui guided the search party including Zac's owner Anne Elizabeth Enright to exactly where Zac was.  All done from the phone in Sydney to Perth over a thousand kilometres away.  She has also found many cats, horses and birds much to their owners relief.

Jacqui also clears houses of negative energies using white sage which she burns and 'smokes' away unwanted influences from you and your property.  Please look under the Videos Tab to see video excerpts on the Home page of her demonstrations of Mediumship and Clairvoyance.

You can also go to her Pet detective page on Facebook at:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jacqui-Clairvoyant-Pet-Detective/200031706719705?ref=hl and 'like' her page for an amazing free pet reading for your beloved pet.