Just follow the prompts for the options for either a 15-minute reading, a 30-minute reading or an hour-long reading. You will be asked if you are a member and if you are not then you will need to join and you will be given a membership number so keep that handy for when you may want to call again.

Costs of the calls are $2.33 per minute (incl GST) but may vary from a mobile or public phone. Callers must be 18+ years of age to get a reading. Jacqui is going to be working on the line doing Readings with her daughter Jennifer who is also a very gifted Psychic. If you phone the line and want to specifically request a reading from Jacqui then you can key in her ID No which is 100 and Jenny also has an ID No which is 200.

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30min Reading for $150

Hello all Visitors,

The Jacqui Lees - International Clairvoyant website is now online.

Note that the majority of the site is under construction. If you have any queries, please direct them here

If you missed the last few days of Daily Inspirations then here they are: 

14th October

Grounded in my own divinity, I am true to what I know to be the truth!

15th October

If you are loyal to yourself it is easy to be loyal to others... If you are true to what you believe in then you can be true to whom you believe in too!

16th October

We discover the true nature of our own genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or others ideas of what we should be like... When we learn to be ourselves we allow our own natural channels to open up.

17th October

Nothing we experience counts for nothing!  Everything is for something pushing us towards our personal growth.

18th October

When I remember that I am a part of Life and Life is a part of me I get a great comfort out of realising that Life is truly Great!

19th October

When you see your value... When you see your worth that is when you allow the Universe to touch you with compassion.... to hold you in a cradle of love.... comfort and joy!