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Psychic Jacqui Lees enlisted to help find Lati the cat

The following article featured on the daily telegraph. Click the article for more:  Jacqui picked up on the fact that Lati's Microchip number was wrong and when Andrew checked this with the Microchip company, it was in deed wrong and they had put the wrong number down on the register.  Unfortunately Lati was found near the Hospital not far from where Jacqui was picking up on and she had tic fever and sadly passed away not long after.   

Come back Cocoa! TEN News

Missing for three weeks, the distraught family of Cocoa the Siamese are taking extreme measures to get her back.

Psychic Of The Year: 2011 !!

IMPORTANT :  Please Email Jacqui first for a reading if you would like one. 

Congratulations to Jacqui Lees who was voted Psychic of the Year for 2011 NSW by the Australian Psychic Association. Jacqui's strong connection to the spirit world continues to impress as she accurately uncovers the truth assisting in high profile investigations. As a result, her efforts and first class ability to do amazingly accurate readings for people have caught the eye, and the attention in particular of the Australian Psychic Association and the UK Association of Psychics and Astrologers as well as the many clients who have had the opportunity to have a personal reading from her.  Jacqui also specialises and is very successful in finding lost animals, with an 95% success rate and with also finding missing persons, so if you need assistance with a lost pet or person then please Email Jacqui.