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30min Reading for $150

Many people wonder if they have Psychic Abilities.  Jacqui runs workshops regularly so to find out if you can join in with her next course then please do not hesitate to Email her for more details.  Also do the Killer Quiz below to see if you can spot a Computer Genius or a Mass Murderer and see what score you get?



Jacqui is writing her new book at the moment entitled "Ask the Animals” a practical guide on how to read and understand your own pet/s and how to communicate with them and other animals, just as she does.

IMPORTANT:  If you require a Reading via Email, phone or Skype then please Email Jacqui through the Contact Tab at the top of this page to request a reading first.  This is so a date for an Email reading, phone or SKYPE can be arranged before you proceed to payment for a reading.  If not then there will be no guarantee when Jacqui can do your reading as there are periods of time that she is extremely busy, or she may be away on holiday.  Jacqui also requires photos of the person she does readings for and sometimes some additional information is needed before an accurate reading can be done and the same is required for readings on Missing persons and pets.  Jacqui will also require photos of missing pets, Thanking you very much in advance for your co-operation in ensuring that readings are done as efficiently and quickly as possible by Jacqui.

Jacqui has over 30 years experience doing readings professionally, including for many celebrities such as Deni Hines, and Tom Cruise, and even read for Royalty including his Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan and HRH Prince Ali of Jordan, She has been sought out by police both here in Australia, overseas in London, Europe and Africa, to assist in solving murders and missing person’s cases.

Her compassionate understanding and incredible gifts of ‘the second sight’ have helped build her a popular undisputed reputation for accuracy in her readings for people predicting past trends and behaviours, present and future events and influences. Her clients have given written testimonials crediting her with high levels of accuracy consistently - please see Testimonials on the Tab on the Home page to read these.

Call it ‘uncanny’ or unbelievable but Jacqui’s abilities go way beyond the normal senses we possess, toward the realms of the ‘Supernatural’ a world in which she is feels quite normal and comfortably at home. Jacqui says she will continue to work in this area as long as she can make a difference to people’s lives by giving them the answers to questions they have long searched for in all areas of their lives, including love life, careers, and financial status.

Jacqui also teaches the Tarot and Psychic Development regularly, and is available for Guest Speaking, demonstrations of Clairvoyance, Corporate and Private functions.  Jacqui has been doing demonstrations of Clairvoyance and Mediumship to large numbers of people for Spiritualist Churches, Mind Body Festivals and Theatres both in Australia where she lives and in the UK.

That led her to teach the Tarot and to go on to write two books "A Complete Course in the Tarot" Book one and Book 2 Psychic Development" which are available to purchase on line, with amazon or Pen Press UK.

She genuinely loves meeting people and will help in any way to glean some insights into their lives that they were perhaps not aware of before - or assisting people to further their own spiritual understanding of themselves or gain knowledge on what their life's purpose is in this life by using her psychic gifts to interpret what they are.  

So if you want a reading, or perhaps need some other spiritual advice such as getting a clear picture of where your life is heading or perhaps you need a spiritual cleansing or healing, or even to get a house cleared of any negative spiritual presences, or maybe you are interested in training yourself into these amazing spiritual gifts that Jacqui clearly possesses, then contact her for more information.  Jacqui also runs a small Research group into the Paranormal of the Spiritual, Psychical and Metaphysical aspects of the Psychic field in she works in.  Jacqui is always interested in new cases to work on, so if you have had some interesting experiences of the Spiritual world then do not hesitate to contact her.


Psychical Centre For Paranormal Research and Development


Specialists In :


House Clearings

Spiritual Cleansing

Psychic / Medium Readings

Tarot Courses

Finding lost, missing and stolen animals

Psychic Development Classes

Medical Intuitive Readings

Spiritual Healing

Hypnotherapy – Curative Remedial



Training Seminars

Intuitive courses for Investigators

Remote Viewing



Jacqui does absent healing so if you would like to be added to her list which she dedicates time to sending her prayers and healing out to those in need, then you just have to send her an Email with the name/s of the people you would like healing sent to - perhaps some details of what ailments the person has and even a photograph would be ideal.  You can also go to her facebook page and mention your friends there also:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=732392329



31st DECEMBER 2009

Watch Jacqui's Predictions for the World that was on last year's Current Affair on TV for 2010!



Normally her availability for phone readings only at the moment are during the Week and some times at the weekends.  Please Email her first to inquire about a reading and booking before payment is processed.